Channeling has always existed


There are serveral tales regarding Oracles, Shamans, Prophets who got supernatural knowledge from the world of the Lighting Creatures.

Channelers often talk to Spiritual Guides or Masters (Ascended, Stellar, Animals, Divine): these friendly spirits give them the knowledge and support them.

Therefore, Channeling is a powerful way to grow spiritually and self transformation: while channeling, you are a bridge towards the Highest Realms.

Channeling is a natural communication between humans and Creatures of Light, Angels, Archangels, Spirits of Nature and Masters.

Channelers meditate in order to reach this expanded state of consciousness, to free from earthly influences and link to the Highest Consciousness.

Let's clarify..

Channelling VS Mediumship

Basically, the difference is in “who we like to contact”:
- Mediumship means to contact souls of dead people
- Channeling means to become a bridge towards the Beings of Light

Nowadays, the word New Mediumship has become a synonym of Channeling.

I honestly disagree, as this word is quite confusing: I prefer talking about Channeling.

Learn the Channeling technique with us

Can everyone channel?

Everybody can channel, no particular gifts or magical abilities are required: “Holy Men” do not exist!

Everyone needs their down time: someone immediately starts to channel while others need more time. This doesn’t mean that they are not able to channel: maybe they’re not ready or they still have to develop the technique and their meditation.

Everybody can do it: it takes time, patience and will to learn!