Akashic Records

Each life leaves its own experiential memory in the Akashic Library: everyone of us can get to his own Book of Life. Before incarnating, each Soul writes on the Akashic Records the life purpose, the mission on earth, the tests to overcome in order to evolve and so on.
When we read our Akashic Records, we can for instance understand which past lives are still connected to our current life. We can ask whatever we want: the Masters and the Guides are always happy to help!


It’s a technique which allows you to be a channel between the person and his Guides.
Opening to Spiritual Energy and Light Source, you can find out your talent, your birth purpose and much more. The contact is always established with the Main Guide (Master, Guardian Angel or other Guides) of this current life.

Angel Card Reading

We can read Angel Cards through the Channeling technique in order to get the messages in store for us. They may have different kinds of messages: advices for particular issues, signs to be read for our personal growth, messages given by a specific Guide which we all are allowed to get.


Energy is all around us and inside us. If it’s stuck, we feel bad or uncomfortable and we can also perceive many diseases. If it’s a longterm block, these diseases can turn into physical.
Energy (PRANA) flows inside us through many channels (NADI). These channels’ crosses are real “energy tanks” called CHAKRAS.
REIKI comes from two Japanese words: REI (Universal Energy) and KI (Life Energy).
The primary concept of Reiki Healing is to channel the Universal Energy and use it to balance the Body Energy in order to get rid of all the blocks. Reiki allows Energy to flow smoothly through the body giving us back health and psychophysical balance. Reiki does not have contraindications like medicines and the operator never fails: Energy knows where to go. Reiki power consists in its simplicity and it’s not just for the “first class”: it’s for EVERYBODY!
Energy belongs to the Universe, therefore to all of us.

Family Constellations

We live everyday in the surface, like the tip of the iceberg. There is something deeper and unconscious linked to our family which rules our life. Family Constellations is a practical method to bring up to light the hidden dynamics of our family. How? Showing what deeply moves inside us. Although we ourselves live within the family, we are not always aware that our lives are influenced by the family system. In the centre is the family and its relationships and this influences the state of mind of the family members.
The relationships in the family are ruled by the Love Orders and we might have problems when these orders are all messed up. Family Constellations bring together what is separate: the crucial movement is always a Love movement. They are no therapy: they are a phenomenological process which shows what is.
After a Family Constellation you’re not the same as before as they change your life even if you don’t realize it. Something hidden to someone’s awareness comes out. What happens during a Constellation cannot be scientifically explained: we accept it simply as it is.

Holistic Consulting (even from far away)

- Akashic Records Reading (People and Animals)
- Channeling and Angel Cards Reading
- Family Constellations (individual or group sessions)
- Life Coaching (Personal Growth)
- Holistic Counseling: discover your soul’s gifts, path and mission