Reiki Usui

Body-mind discipline for spiritual growth and evolution

Karuna Healing

Allows you to connect to your higher self


Reiki Usui

Traditional technique by Mikao Usui

It’s a mind-body technique which deals with energy rebalance, physical and mental “healing”. It also represents a personal growth and spiritual evolution path. It’s a powerful technique based on channeling the flow of healing energy simply through our hands.

The attunement must be given only by a Reiki Master. The good news is that Reiki is simple: it always works and never leave us.

Karuna Healing

While Reiki Usui works mentally and physically, Karuna Healing is merely spiritual.

It doesn’t replace the traditional Reiki or vice versa: they can both work together with higher energy and deeper consciousness. Working constantly with Karuna empowers our awareness and the connection with our Spiritual Guides.

This healing technique comes from Reiki Karuna but it’s more complete as it embraces 2 additional Tibetan symbols (they are very powerful). Karuna Healing allows people to connect with their highest power.

It’s particularly suitable for people who practice spiritual techniques, such as meditation, Channeling or Akashic Records Reading.